Live Well on Dialysis

Taking care of your mental and physical health throughout your time on dialysis will ensure that you’re getting the most out of treatment and help you continue leading a fulfilling life.

Many aspects of your life may be impacted while you are on dialysis. The better care you take of your body and mind, the better you’ll be able to cope with the demands of treatment and enjoy activities you loved before your chronic kidney disease (CKD) diagnosis. Although you may not feel up to it at first, as you get further into your journey you may find that being physically and emotionally healthy can allow you to take a more active role in your treatment. It may even help you retain a sense of normality in spite of the big life changes you’re experiencing.

Live well on dialysis

Coping With your Emotions

Talking About Your Condition

Intimacy and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

Exercising on Dialysis

Traveling on Dialysis

Diet and Dialysis

Dialysis patient walking with their caregiver with the help of a cane

Coping With your Emotions

Adjusting to life with a chronic condition can be a challenging process. Whether you’ve just been diagnosed or you’re well into treatment, it’s likely that you and those around you have experienced a wide range of emotions. Coping with these feelings is not easy but sharing and recognising them is essential to preserve your mental and physical health throughout your time on dialysis.

Two women talking to each other with one sharing information about their condition

Talking About Your Condition

Talking to family, friends and other people on dialysis about your experience with chronic kidney disease (CKD) may make it easier for you, and them, to cope with the physical and emotional difficulties of your diagnosis. Sharing with others can help you understand your own emotions, making them feel less overwhelming and help you feel more in control. The support and advice of your loved ones may help you gain a new and valuable perspective on what you’re experiencing. 

A couple walking together and holding hands while on an outdoor stroll

Intimacy and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

With a busy treatment schedule, concerns about how chronic kidney disease (CKD) is affecting your desire for sex may fall by the wayside. However your sexual well-being is an important part of your physical and emotional health. Understanding how and why your sexual life can change as a result of your condition may make you and your partner feel more comfortable.

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Exercising on Dialysis

Regular physical activity is important for staying physically and mentally strong while you’re on dialysis. Sticking to an exercise plan that you enjoy may help lower your cholesterol, keep your weight controlled, reduce stress and anxiety and improve your heart health, among many other potential benefits. Staying active may also keep you mentally stimulated, allowing you to maintain a more positive outlook throughout your treatment journey and feel inspired to make the most of your life on dialysis. 

Downloadable guide to an overview of choices and activities for living well on dialysis

Quick guide to living well on dialysis

We have created a simple overview of the choices and activities that can help you living life to the fullest on dialysis. Download it to print it or share it with your family or caregiver. 

Airplane flying through the clouds to represent patients traveling while on dialysis

Travelling on Dialysis

Whether you need to travel for work or go abroad for a summer holiday, if you make the proper arrangements, you should be able to continue travelling while on dialysis. This is especially true if you’re on PD, which may give you greater travelling flexibility. Travelling may boost your mood and help you retain a sense of independence while you’re on dialysis.

Dialysis patient and their partner eating a quiet meal

Diet and Dialysis

Being on dialysis requires special dietary considerations. Knowing what you should and should not eat while on dialysis and adhering to this will help keep your body in balance. Adopting a kidney-friendly diet will probably require that you make adjustments to your normal routine. Your clinician or dietician can help you make a plan that you feel comfortable with.

Patient and their spouse walking on the beach outside of dialysis therapy

Are You a Caregiver or Does Someone You Love Need to Go on Dialysis?

Being a caregiver or a loved one to a dialysis patient means that your life will change in one way or another. Knowing what to expect will help prepare you for the journey ahead. Read more about what to expect, how you can support your loved one, and why it is important to care for yourself.

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